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We help companies create cultures that attract, retain and grow happy people.

Introducing Culture Co-Pilot

The best companies in America have built their brands from within.

That doesn't happen by accident. 


Branding begins from within. It's as simple as that. If your employees are not connected to the brand they work for, how can you expect your customers to do the same?

Culture Co-Pilot helps you define your company's reason for being and build a culture brand that attracts the right people to your company. Then we help you create a culture based on two-way communication and trust where employees feel heard and appreciated. Finally, we help you build a team engaged in the culture of the company where they can grow and thrive.

Take our 10-Question Culture Quiz

Let's see where your brand stands. 

  • Brand Therapy - A 90-minute deep dive with key stakeholders into your Employee Value Proposition and your employment brand’s Reason For Being

  • Culture Brand Development - We’ll define the focus of your EVP and deploy the messaging to start attracting the right kind of candidates

  • Culture Co-Pilot - We’ll work hands-on with your team to create and share content within the company that builds culture and enhances the work life of the team

How it works:

The Positive Outcomes of Culture Co-Pilot:

  • Define your culture brand

  • Identify your Employee Value Proposition

  • Create campaigns to attract the right people


  • Create a uniform on-boarding experience

  • Increase engagement through surveys and contests

  • Celebrate team members

  • Reward great effort


  • Continuing education

  • Wellness and well being

  • Sharing the love of the brand; recruiting friends


Project Meeting

Our company-branded app keeps your team connected.

  • Share company updates

  • Welcome new teammates

  • Recognize accomplishments

  • Encourage and cheer the team on

  • Share training videos, quizzes and certifications

  • Announce company events and take RSVPs

  • Send surveys and solicit team feedback

  • Measure and track team engagement


Some companies we have helped:

Can we help you?

Take this 10-Question Culture Quiz


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