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Brand Your Culture to Attract Better Employees

Culture branding is a radical approach to recruiting that focuses on branding your company's culture to attract candidates that mesh with your workplace environment. Everyone offers competitive pay and benefits. Potential employees want to connect on an emotional level with the mission and core values of their place of employment. They want to feel good about where they work.

According to a study by LinkedIn, companies with great culture branding experience a 28% reduction in turnover and a 50% reduction in hiring costs. 86% of people will not apply to or consider working for a company that has a bad reputation.

Culture Branding discovers your Employee Value Proposition and gives potential employees a reason to work at your company that goes beyond competitive pay and benefits.

3 Ways to Boost Your Employment Brand



This consists of short, 1-2 minute videos that describe the open position and give a suggestion of the company’s culture


We created Job Description videos for Machine Operators and Order Pullers for Birmingham Fastener. It saved an estimated $10,000 in recruiter fees. 

Birmingham Fastener reported that Order Puller videos received an average of 3,000 views and the Machine Operator video received an average of 500 views.
Three of the four employees they hired had seen the video!

This includes a Brand Therapy session to determine the position of your culture brand then translate that meaning into messaging for a Careers Landing Page.

We created the messaging for a landing page for Keysys that aligned the message of the culture with their brand.


New hires are more aligned with the mission of the company and stay at their positions longer. 

This starts with internal research among your star employees and a Brand Therapy session to determine the position of your culture brand. Then we’ll deploy your brand messaging with a Careers Landing Page, Job Description videos, and a Culture Video.

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