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Startup Company Cultures Must Be More than Beer and Pool Tables

What is Startup Culture?

Startup culture has become a buzzword in the business world, encompassing a range of practices and values that set innovative and emerging companies apart.

On the surface, it's associated with enjoyable workplace elements like game rooms, flexible schedules, and even a bit of beer at the office, contrasting starkly with the traditional corporate mindset of rigid structures and formalities.

However, it's not just about superficial perks; at its core, startup culture aims to create an environment where employees feel like valued contributors rather than mere cogs in the machine.

Perks and Processes of Positive Startup Culture

True startup culture goes beyond filling your office space with trendy furniture or a fun break room. Effective company cultures are built on shared values, a sense of purpose, and a genuine concern for employee well-being.

To achieve this, consider these crucial steps:

  • Simple Values: Keep your company's values straightforward. Simplicity ensures clarity, making the overall company mission easier for everyone to understand and follow. They should be straight-forward. They should accurately reflect the values your company actually lives up to, not flowery lawyer-language.

  • Values-Mission Synergy: Aligning your company's actual role in the business world with the values you operate by fosters a sense of purpose among employees motivating them to work towards a common goal.

  • Employee Involvement: Involve your employees in shaping the company's culture and operation. Regular feedback sessions and open communication channels make them feel valued and integral to the company's growth, meaning they will actually care about the company.

  • Inclusivity: A modern startup culture is inclusive, providing opportunities to people with skills to offer - regardless of background, abilities, or social circumstances. This diversity enriches perspectives and drives innovation.

The CLX Approach

With a variety of in-house methods like Culture Branding, Brand Therapy, and Culture Co-Pilot, CLX helps companies–new or established–create and maintain a robust business culture.

Our services go beyond surface-level values and generic internal branding. We hyperfocus on (re)aligning your company's values with its actions. We love helping companies build cultures that inspire passion, collaboration, and innovation.

Learn more about the other companies we have helped and how we can help you:

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