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The VRGL journey

Product Naming, Brand Therapy, Namestorming,

VRGL came to us with an idea. They had developed a software product that helps wealth managers leads and guide clients through the hazards of investing.

Our team brainstormed hundreds of options finally landing on the perfect metaphor. Virgil, the spirit of the Roman poet who leads Dante on his journey through the nine circles of hell in the Inferno.

Virgil is a timeless symbol of reason, intelligence, and perception guiding others through through unseen danger.

The sound of the word ‘VRGL’ also carries the phonetic connotation of ‘vigilance,’ instilling a sense of courage, determination, and protection.

We named this startup, and guided them with brand voice development, pitch decks and brand identity.

VRGL’s logo is an abstract, modern take on the boat that ferries Virgil and Dante across the river Styx. The energizing color palette and forward slant of the logo represent the company’s modern, innovative, and forward-thinking ideologies, while the twinning reinforces VRGL’s brand motifs of Guidance and Protection.

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