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Content that Connects


Through the power of story, we connect brands with audiences.


Humans are hardwired to digest information through the medium of story. Information shared without context is quickly forgotten. Story is the most impactful and lasting way to make your audience care.  

People will forget what you said, 
people will forget what you did, 
but people will never forget 
how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

What we do & how we do it



We help you understand the story behind your brand and develop strategies that align your messaging with your brand's promise. It starts with a brand review and audit to keep your messaging on target.

Content Creation


We create content that connects with your audience and sparks curiosity. It inspires people to take action, engage with your brand and share with others.

Culture Branding


Your brand is the embodiment of your company's culture. Your employees have to live your brand. We help companies create a brand culture that attracts employees that fit your culture.

You concentrate on your business. We'll create content that connects.

Written content, articles, blogs, social media, and marketing content.

Photography and graphic design for articles & social media.

Corporate videos, scripts, product demonstrations, and launches.

Website analytics, SEO, funnel tracking.

Brand Therapy audit session, core values, messaging audit & strategy.

Our experience


Even though we're new, we're not new to the game


Content Logistix team members have worked on well-known name brands, regional brands, and startups. Big or small, we love them all. 

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Where are you?

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Level 3


Organized Social

Blog/Story Content


Organized Social

Blog/Story Content

SEO-Rich Content

Paid and Organic


Organized Social

Blog/Story Content

SEO-Rich Content

Paid and Organic

Advertising Campaigns

Coordinated Branded


What's your story?


Don't know? All the more reason to team up with us!


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